Cosmetic Dentistry In Greenville, TX

For several generations, Dr. Randall Evans, Dr. Daniels, and their staff have restored and enhanced hundreds of patients’ smiles. We offer an array of cosmetic treatments aimed at building strong, beautiful teeth. Family Dental Group works diligently to help patients in Hunt County achieve their dental goals and leave our office smiling happily.

Improving Aesthetic Appeal

What makes our practice unique is our dedication to the people we serve. Knowing patients for nearly their entire lives allows us to adapt our treatments to accommodate their personal needs. We work closely with patients so we can address their concerns accordingly. We treat patients the way we would treat our family.

Services we provide include:

Crowns and Bridgesf

Teeth Alignment with Invisalign®

Teeth Whitening with Zoom!®, both in-house and take-home options

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Reliable Restorations

Patients suffering from severe dental issues can look to Family Dental Group for alleviation of these problems. Patients dealing with the after-effects of cancer treatment on teeth, or those with  complex restorative needs are referred to our trusted local prosthodontist, Dr. Ponas. We maintain strong working relationship with members of our team, including referral specialists, ensuring our patients receive the services they need and deserve.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Individuals missing one or several teeth can benefit from comprehensive services that address their unique situation and restore dental functions. We offer treatments that include:

Partial and Full Dentures are an affordable option for patients looking to cosmetically repair teeth while improving dental function, such as eating and speaking.

Dental Implant Restorations provide reliable teeth replacements that completely restores dental functions. Patients can feel confident eating and speaking as if they were using their natural set of teeth! Additionally, dental implants address several dental concerns that dentures cannot, such as accelerated jawbone deterioration.

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Cosmetic dental issues don’t need to hamper your appearance; aesthetic treatments from Family Dental Group bolster your teeth and enhance your smile.

For more information about cosmetic restorations or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Randall Evans, Dr. Jason Daniel, or Dr. Ralf Poineal, call us or visit Family Dental Group in Greenville!

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