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Teeth are susceptible to decay and damage; that’s a fact. But living with dental issues don’t need to remain a reality. Dr. Randall Evans, Dr. Jason Daniels, and their team at Family Dental Group in Greenville help patients of Hunt County achieve and maintain optimal oral health throughout their lifetime.

Schedule a consultation at our practice to go over your options for restorations. We’re dedicated to improving the function and beauty of your smile.

Reliable Restorative Dental Care in Greenville, TX

An issue like decay, damage, missing teeth, and gum recession can greatly affect both the function of the smile as well as the appearance. Not only that, failing oral health makes it difficult to speak and eat regularly, causing issues in everyday life.

Dr. Evans and his team are committed to helping patients maintain a smile they’ll be satisfied with well into the future. We have several restorative options that offer a conservative approach to dentistry, opting to preserve as much natural dentition as possible. Options for restorative care at Family Dental Group include:

Crowns restore teeth that have been treated or damaged by decay. Using esthetic porcelain crowns, we’re able to completely replace the structure of the tooth’s chewing and restore both its form and function in the smile.

Bridges replace missing teeth in a short row. These prosthetics utilize adjacent teeth as a stabilizer to secure the bridge in place.

Dentures are reliable replacement teeth for an entire arch. These come in partial and full variables, able to replace teeth missing in several areas of an arch or an entire row.

Dental Implants are comprehensive replacements for missing teeth. Implant posts act as the dental roots and stabilize prosthetics in place to generate a unified level of support.

Root Canal Therapy is necessary to save a tooth severely damaged by decay. This procedure removes the infection and dead tissue from inside the tooth to clear the area of bacteria. A dental filling replaces the pulp and a post is placed to maintain the inner structure. A crown is placed atop the tooth to replace the biting surface.

Periodontal Therapy works best for patients experiencing gingivitis and early gum disease. This procedure reduces periodontal pockets and heals the gums, slowing down recession and restoring oral health.

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